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Prosperity Co-Lab (PROCOL) Africa is an innovative collaborative research programme seeking to broaden the discussion of what constitutes prosperity in Africa.


We conduct research for a prosperous, autonomous and resilient Africa through local partners, by harnessing cutting edge science, community knowledge, astute policy development and participatory research methods to develop smarter, localised understandings of prosperity that can be tailored to communities across Africa.

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What we do

Delivering inclusive, sustainable and resilient prosperity remains a major challenge across sub-Saharan Africa. Despite some successes, decades of national, international and NGO-led development practices have failed to confront the key drivers of poverty. Top-heavy governance and rigid conventional economic models championed by major financial institutions continue to perpetuate inequality, injustice and environmental degradation.

New models of development are needed. We propose that community oriented development, based on an understanding of natural prosperity in the local context can deliver lasting, inclusive prosperity for Africa’s citizens and communities.



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