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Partner with us

We work with public, private and
third sector actors
to bring positive change

Our partners play an important role in the work that we do and how ideas are shaped and implemented. We work together to create a new kind of knowledge infrastructure. Citizens, academic researchers, policymakers, voluntary and community sector partners all contribute in different ways.

We work with local authorities, government departments, voluntary sector organizations, NGOs, public sector agencies, business and industry partners.

Our project partners, communities, and citizen scientists help us identify research problems and questions to work on. 

Together, we bring innovative solutions that can provide opportunities and solutions to the urgent necessities we are facing.  

How you can help





Identify research questions, support citizen science training and implement policies.

Fund and collaborate on cutting-edge research to make an impact on the people who need it most. 

Bring in new thinking, collaborate on research and support implementation.

Provide your lived experience to shape the research and ensure that we respond to people's diverse needs. 

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