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A Theory of Imagination

TAKHAYYUL is a collaborative research project that will ethnographically study and understand the imaginative forces in the formation of populist religious aspirations in the interconnected geographies recently coined as the Balkan-to-Bengal complex.

About Takhayyul 


The TAKHAYYUL (StG 2019, 853210) project is led by Dr Dr Sertaç Sehlikoglu and is funded by the European Research Council. 


The interdisciplinary team part of the research will develop an extensive and comparative formulation of a theory of imagination, takhayyul. Researchers in our team focus on a range of historical and aesthetic elements that shape and connect the political imaginaries of political aspirations in eleven countries: Bosnia-Herzegovina Kosovo, North Macedonia, Turkey, Iran, Lebanon, Palestine, Bangladesh, India, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. The interconnected imaginaries provide its followers with a wide range of religious cosmologies, nationalist feelings and other affective and imaginative registers.

This project seeks to contribute to global prosperity by offering a fresh perspective that does not reproduce the tropes on irrationality. Instead, it is designed to provide a sound theoretical ground upon which to delineate the ways populist forms of religious politics forge imaginative landscapes beyond the borders of nation-states.


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Takhayyul Nativeness and Emergent Issues Podcast

The Takhayyul Nativeness and Emergent Issues podcast series explores the pressing issues taking place in the regions that the team works across. 

Hosted by project lead, Dr Sertaç Sehlikoglu.

Imagining Turkey

This bi-monthly podcast series offers unfamiliar ways of looking at the political transformation Turkey has been going through at the national and international level.

Co-hosted by the project PI Dr. Sertaç Sehlikoglu (UCL), M. Zișan Köker (LUC), and Hazal Aydın (BU).


No events at the moment
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