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Fast Forward 2030 inspires entrepreneurs to use businesses as a force for good, driving change to achieve global prosperity by 2030 through the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

About Us

Fast Forward 2030 was established in 2015 by Professor Henrietta Moore, Founder and Director of the IGP, and Arthur Kay, Founder of bio-bean and Skyroom. Initially founded in London, it has since expanded its network to include Lebanon and Kenya, and has inspired thousands of young entrepreneurs through podcasts, networking events, and workshops.


We believe that the SDGs provide a holistic plan for ensuring the well-being of all humanity while respecting the planet's boundaries. These goals urge us to reconsider the way we conduct businesses and economies and to prioritise environmental and social impact as a fundamental aspect of our decision-making processes. As such, they serve as an excellent framework for individuals who wish to make a positive impact.

It’s not just governments and large organisations that will drive the achievement of the SDGs by 2030. The critical contributions will come from the small, fast-moving, innovative organisations like those we develop at Fast Forward 2030. 
Professor Henrietta Moore, Founder and Director of the IGP


United Kingdom

Cultivating transformative enterprises offering innovative solutions to global challenges


Nurturing entrepreneurs to tackle social challenges and ensure quality of life for its community


Empowering rural and urban social entrepreneurs to solve community challenges

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