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London Prosperity Board

Rethinking what prosperity means with and for communities in London

The London Prosperity Board, an initiative led by PROCOL UK, aims to rethink what prosperity means and to change the way decision-makers in London conceptualise and act for prosperity. 


The Board’s purpose is to develop new ways of thinking, generate new forms of evidence, and test new ways of working that make sustainable and inclusive prosperity a reality for people living and working in London.

Leading cross-sectoral partnerships

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We work with citizens, government, public agencies, third sector bodies, communities, and businesses with a shared interest in London’s future prosperity. Our partners include: 

Our priorities  


Prosperity in east London 2021-2031 longitudinal study

Maximising the impact and planning Wave 2

As we plan the next wave of data collection in 2025, we are doing collective thinking about how we communicate the longitudinal study findings to different audiences.


Secure livelihoods and inclusive economies 

From research to interventions and policy pathways

In our research, citizens consistently identify livelihood security – an interconnected infrastructure of services and assets – as essential to their prosperity. We are translating these findings into practical tools to measure livelihood security, design place-based interventions, and develop policy pathways that include livelihood security in strategies for inclusive economies.


Citizen Science

Building a sustainable infrastructure for citizen-led research and evidence

in London  

As we continue learning from our citizen-led research projects, we aim to develop strategies to achieve sustainability in terms of funding, reliability, and standards of evidence for citizen science. The objective is to embed this type of work in mainstream ways of working across organisations. 


Led by PROCOL UK, our projects are collaborative, place-based research initiatives that aim to improve our understanding of local prosperity and drive social change. 

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Prosperity in east London 2017-2018 Pilot

Citizen social scientists conducted research on what prosperity means in 5 east London neighbourhoods. Drawing on these insights, they worked with the LPB and New Economics Foundation to create the UK’s first Citizen’s Prosperity Index - a multi-dimensional model that measures what matters to the prosperity of local communities in east London.


Good Life Euston

Residents from Somers Town and Regent’s Park Estate were trained as citizen social scientists – the Euston Voices Researchers – and carried out research to identify opportunities for local people to prosper amid regeneration. 

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Prosperity in east London 2021-2031 Longitudinal Study

A 10-year mixed-methods study tracing the effects of large-scale and long-term urban regeneration on local communities in east London. 


UCL Citizen Science Academy 

The Citizen Science Academy is an innovative initiative to deliver community-based, practice-led research training that empowers communities to lead change through social action and shaping policies that impact their livelihoods

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Universal Basic Services Pilots

Board members have initiated UBS pilots like the 'Connected Communities' Pilot in Tower Hamlets and the Camden Prototyping and Pilot to enhance livelihood security.

Image by Samuel Regan-Asante


In collaboration with The Plug, Hackney Quest youth charity, we’ve involved a team of six young designers to uncover the factors contributing to youth prosperity in east London and explore ways local businesses and organisations can support them.

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