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Good Life

About the project

The Good Life Euston project explores what shared and inclusive prosperity means for residents and local communities most affected by regeneration projects in Euston area. The project works directly with residents to understand local experiences of regeneration and aspirations for prosperity, and to bring these new forms of evidence into regeneration planning. 

The aim is to drive more inclusive and effective decision-making about regeneration and develop new ways of measuring wellbeing, prosperity and regeneration impacts in Euston. Good Life Euston is a collaboration between the Institute for Global Prosperity, Camden Council, Lendlease, Camden Giving and citizen social scientists living in Somers Town and Regent’s Park Estate. 

Project overview

The project comprises multiple stages that will ultimately develop a set of indicators to measure wellbeing in Euston and across the whole of Camden. The Euston Prosperity and Wellbeing Index will measure the impacts of regeneration on local communities over the long term to support decision making and investment based on priorities for local residents. It is intended that the results will be used by both public and private decision makers to influence local development in a way that will benefit the local community. 

Stage 1

Citizen-led qualitative research

22 citizen social scientists were trained to conduct qualitative research in Somers Town and Regent's Park Estate, which included photo-elicitation interviews, group discussions, walking ethnographies, interviews, and mapping activities.

Stage 2


data analysis

Data was transcribed and coded to identify key themes defining the good life. IGP conducted initial thematic analysis.


Model iterations and consolidation

Stage 5

Household Survey

Stage 6

Euston Good Life Index

IGP and Camden Council will create an index using household survey results and secondary data sources.

Citizen social scientists collaborated in workshops to create the Good Life Euston Model, refining domains and sub-domains with community input.

The team developed indicators and a metric/question bank.

Planned survey for baseline prosperity data collection, with sampling and citizen scientist involvement currently being discussed

Stage 4

Impact assessment of demonstrators

The Good Life Euston model

The Good Life Euston Model represents the individual aspirations, collective experiences, local conditions, services and spaces, and systemic factors that shape opportunities for residents in Euston to flourish and live good lives. It is an important tool in the process of developing a shared evidence base to inform regeneration planning; it represents the lived experiences and priorities of local residents and in this sense provides an alternative starting point for understanding ‘success’, ‘social value’  and ‘regeneration impact’ measures.

As the project develops, in this section we will share impact activities, reports and articles. 

For more information contact the team at 


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