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Prosperity Co-Lab (PROCOL) UK is an innovative initiative to develop transformational thinking and action on shared prosperity for the UK.


Our goal is to achieve a sustained shift in public debate, policymaking, investment and community action for shared prosperity.

What we do

At PROCOL UK, we bring together citizen-led research, academic research, and collaborative, multi-stakeholder partnerships with communities, government, businesses, and researchers, to develop new forms of knowledge and new ways of working that bring transformational change.

This is how we address obstacles to shared prosperity in the context of pressing challenges facing British society: climate emergency, rising social and financial inequalities, Brexit, austerity and public services, and the changing nature of work in the era of artificial intelligence. 

“Across the bridge you will see a completely different world. New buildings, clean streets, and the greatest security. A resident once saw a fight start on the other side, in less than 5-minutes ExCeL security had diffused the situation. 

I can empathize with my fellow residents when they say we feel like we do not exist. The Custom House community have been forgotten.”

Terry Regan, citizen social scientist

Citizen science is at the core of our research

Our work actively involves local communities in producing research that contributes to generate and test new knowledge.

We train citizens at the UCL Citizen Science Academy to conduct place-based, community-led research that can provide the evidence needed to lead change.  

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Creating the infrastructure for change

We've established the London Prosperity Board (LPB), an innovative cross-sector partnership that aims to rethink what prosperity means for London.


Drawing on cutting-edge academic research, social, economic and technical innovation, and mixed methods from a range of disciplines, we work to improve evidence, reasoning and decision-making about how to build a globally prosperous future. With these insights, we challenge assumptions, reframe questions and develop new approaches that bring about real improvements in people’s lives.

PROCOL UK Projects

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