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Speeding up transitions to sustainable, prosperous societies in the context of mass displacement, to improve the quality of people’s lives through citizen-led research.

Key Themes:

  • Mass displacement

  • Operationalising and platforming prosperity (data, interventions, policy)

  • Transition pathways for energising green futures

  • Education for transformation

  • Citizen-led research

What we do

Our research and learning is focused on inclusive growth and prosperity. It is about the prosperity of Lebanon in particular, but is also part of a larger agenda for developing sustainable ways to improve the quality of life of people throughout the world.


In the context of Lebanon, developing an agenda of prosperity is particularly urgent because of the pressures that the country is facing as a result of the ongoing refugee crisis. Addressing these challenges through the lens of prosperity increases the potential of future economic development and growth in Lebanon.


PROCOL Lebanon is based on a network of partnerships for citizen-led research, capacity building, place-based interventions and policy design that will demonstrate the means through which transformation for prosperity can be achieved. 


Our Citizen Science Methodology

Sustained CS method xxx means involving local researchers in all phases 


With local communities, we explore how promoting and creating pathways for prosperity can improve people’s quality of life. Our work focuses on building capacities that can help citizens and stakeholders acquire skills and organise into communities of practice that address emergent challenges.


We work with new learning methodologies to enhance the skills of people living in Lebanon, in the fields of sustainable design, post-conflict urban regeneration, and education. All stages of our project, from research design to intervention implementation, are co-designed and implemented with the local communities.

Our Projects

Our Projects

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The Relief Centre 

The purpose of the RELIEF Centre from 2017-2022 has been to pioneer a radical approach to building capabilities for social transformation in one of the most challenging environments of mass displacement in the world.


We have delivered a synergetic programme of work that has brought citizens, communities and stakeholder networks into a co-design and knowledge transfer process to demonstrate the importance of education and public services in developing community capacities and capabilities for transformation towards improvements in quality of life and sustainable pathways to prosperity for Lebanon.

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