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Social Prosperity Network

The Social Prosperity Network explores Universal Basic Services as a potential policy that would provide the social capital people need to regain control and security in their lives, and place them on a path of prosperity. The Network has put together the first substantial exploration of the potential of Universal Basic Services in the UK.


 The report, co-authored by Professor Henrietta Moore, Co-Director of the Social Prosperity network Andrew Percy, and economists Jonathon Portes and Howard Reed, details how Universal Basic Services is a viable and affordable alternative to ideas such as Universal Basic Income. 

 "If we are to increase cohesion, the sense that we are 'all in it together', we must act where we can have the greatest impact, and that is on the cost of basic living.  Without radical new ideas that challenges the status quo, we face a future where the changing shape of our society and labour market leaves more and more people struggling simply to achieve the basics - let alone having the resources and mental capacity to allow themselves and their families to flourish."
Professor Dame Henrietta L. Moore, Founder & Director of the IGP

What we are doing

We are rethinking the welfare system for the 21st century by advocating for UBS.

While focusing primarily on the UK, the concept of UBS is being explored in Lebanon and Africa with the PROCOL Lebanon and PROCOL Africa teams.


The network is producing key reports and working with local authorities across the UK to implement UBS pilots and interventions. We are also exchanging knowledge and discussing key themes related to welfare and social policy.

Upcoming events

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