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Financing Prosperity Hub

The recent and rapid expansion of both private and public debt across the globe, and the inequality and harm this has caused makes the task of developing alternatives to financial debt urgently necessary. Reimagining debt will contribute to, and draw energy from, efforts to transform the role finance and growth economics play in shaping, sustaining and securing communities across the world.

Established by Dr Christopher Harker, Deputy Director of the Institute for Global Prosperity, the Financing Prosperity Hub will aim to achieve the following:

1. Address existing alternatives to debt economies

2. Imagine alternatives for a more inclusive and sustainable economy

3. Consider and overcome the barriers to implementing these alternatives.

What we do

Since debt is intimately connected with work and wages, policy making, social relationships, health and wellbeing, and economic futures, the network draws together multiple forms of expertise from within and beyond the academy to address these challenges.


While focusing primarily on the UK, lessons from different places and historical periods are also incorporated


The network organises workshops, symposiums and other large events to exchange knowledge and discuss key themes.


Upcoming events

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